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IPTV English News by InformITV (05/05/2008)

Sezmi promises next-generation television experience
Sezmi, a startup company originally known only as Building B, is planning to launch a hybrid set-top box that combines broadcast and broadband programming to create a personalised viewing experience. Sezmi is starting pilot trials in preparation for commercial launch later this year and says it has entered into agreements with broadcasters in its initial markets in America.
BBC iPlayer cable television debut with Virgin
The BBC iPlayer, previously only an online service, is now available on Virgin Media cable television in the United Kingdom. Cable viewers will be able to watch high quality pictures on their television screen without waiting for programmes to download.
Freesat prepares launch of free satellite television service
Freesat, a new free-to-air satellite television service, is due to launch in the United Kingdom in early May. Modelled on the successful Freeview digital terrestrial television platform, it will offer the main terrestrial channels and the new BBC HD high-definition service. Receivers will go on sale in high street shops, compatible with existing satellite dishes, representing a threat to subscription services from Sky.
Murdoch criticises BBC iPlayer for cramping competition
James Murdoch, the chief executive of BSkyB, has criticised the BBC iPlayer for crowding out competition. He said the way in which the BBC is regulated, which had allowed the online video service to be launched, was an “abrogation of accountability” and that it had “squashed other competitors”.
Virgin Media video-on-demand will overtake Channel 4
Virgin Media says that within a year its customers will spend more time viewing its video-on-demand service than watching Channel 4. Customers of the British cable television company use the video-on-demand service 22 times a month on average. “We are at the start of a fundamental shift in the way people consume TV,” Virgin Media chief executive Neil Berkett told delegates at the Cable Europe conference in Madrid.

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