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IPTV English News by InformITV (23/06/2008)

Interactive Wimbledon delivers ace service for viewers
Wimbledon will once again be interactive this year on the BBC, with the addition of live streams on the web and highlights available through the BBC iPlayer. DirecTV is also doubling up with ESPN to provide interactive Wimbledon coverage. Viewing figures suggest that those using such interactive services tend to watch longer and more often as a result.

IPTV numbers rise in America without affecting satellite
The number of subscribers to IPTV services in North America quadrupled last year, but still reached only 1.2 million homes. These mainly seem to be net additions to the pay-television market, rather than at the expense of satellite, which gained 1.5 million customers.

Microsoft acquires Navic Networks for addressable adverts
Microsoft is buying interactive television company Navic Networks to gain an addressable advertising system. Navic Networks is a pioneer of interactive television and has developed an advertising management system known as Admira. Meanwhile Microsoft says its Mediaroom platform is now powering over two million television sets worldwide.

Amino unveils first fully digital high-definition IPTV box
Amino is launching the first 100% digital high-definition set-top box. It is on show at the NXTcomm conference in Las Vegas. With an HDMI digital socket and no analogue outputs it is cheaper to produce and simpler to install. Amino has also acquired a former BT man as its new chief executive, along with the business of AssetHouse, an asset management company that emerged out of BT.

11 billion videos viewed online last month in America
Young American adults viewed nearly five hours of online video each in April. The latest figures from online measurement company comScore showed that almost 11 billion online videos were viewed during the month, with YouTube accounting for more than 4 billion of them. The vast majority of this was viewing of short form material, with the average viewing duration of less than three minutes.

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