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IPTV English News by InformITV (30/06/2008)

Interactive standards debate promotes war of words
A leading advocate of the DVB-MHP platform for interactive television has said that claims by promoters of the rival MHEG-5 standard are “absurd and outdated”. He said that MHEG-5 is an old technology that is “not designed for next generation services,” urging broadcasters to thing about future services that would benefit from MHP.

Microsoft Fiji project upsets military regime
The military regime in Fiji has made a formal complaint to Microsoft over the use of the name Fiji in connection with its products. A Microsoft project currently codenamed Fiji aims to update its media centre offering to enhance support for digital television standards and interactive television.

BBC iPlayer update improves online access to programmes
The BBC has unveiled the latest version of its iPlayer online media service which now includes radio and television in a single interface. The size of the video window has also been increased by more than 50% and the audio quality of radio programmes has also been improved. Now the BBC is exploring new ways to bring the iPlayer to the television screen.

Sony sets sights on global networked entertainment
Sony is aiming to become the leading global provider of networked consumer electronics and entertainment. The company will make 90% of its electronics products network-enabled and wireless capable, rolling out video services across its key product lines, starting this summer with the PlayStation Network.

Targeted advertising project prompts privacy concerns
American cable television operators have launched a combined initiative to offer targeted interactive television advertising under the name Canoe Ventures, but could face concerns from consumers over the implications for privacy. The greater challenge is more likely to be one of technical integration.

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