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IPTV English News by InformITV (21/07/2008)

BBC promotes future media and technology replacement
The BBC has promoted Erik Huggers to director of future media and technology, the most senior role in leading the public service broadcaster into the next phase of its digital future. The announcement comes as the BBC Trust published a report that suggests the corporation contributes around twice the value of its annual licence free revenue to the creative economy of the United Kingdom.

Freeview to launch in Australia to promote digital channels
Australian pubic broadcasters and commercial networks have formally announced the establishment of their version of Freeview to help drive take up of free-to-air digital terrestrial television. The consortium is loosely based on the approach adopted by Freeview in the United.

Olympics Games coverage goes broadband and mobile
Every Olympic Games marks a step forward in television technology. For many viewers this year it will be high-definition but it will also be defined by delivery over broadband and mobile networks. NBC is opening up its coverage to AT&T and Verizon for their multiplatform services. Meanwhile a peer-to-peer operator is aiming to reach up to 100 million users over broadband.

BT plans investment in high-speed fibre broadband network
BT has announced plans to roll out fibre-based broadband to as many as 10 million homes in the United Kingdom by 2012. The £1.5 billion investment will deliver speeds up to 100Mbps with up to 1Gbps in the future. Although a welcome sign, the planned investment is considerably less than many estimate will be required to bring high-speed broadband to most of Britain.

Microsoft and Netflix team to stream movies to consoles
Owners of the Microsoft Xbox 360 games console will be able to watch more than 10,000 movies and television programmes, streamed on demand over broadband, following a partnership with Netflix, the largest online movie rental service in the world. The companies claim that the Xbox 360 will offer more movies and programmes on demand than any other device connected to the television.

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