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IPTV English News by InformITV (28/07/2008)

Plans for regulation of video on demand services in the UK
The government has published plans to regulate video-on-demand services in the United Kingdom. The proposals are part of a consultation on the implementation of the European Audio Visual Media Services directive. This introduces common standards for the regulation of video-on-demand, including online and mobile services.

ABC launches iView online video service in Australia
The ABC in Australia is expanding its online service with five new web channels, allowing users to watch television shows on the internet in a full screen player. It includes a catch up channel, showing a selection of programmes from ABC1 and ABC2, as well as news, documentary, arts and children’s channels and an ABC shop which previews programmes available for download.

Sky offers Universal music store and PSP downloads
British satellite broadcaster Sky is teaming up with Universal Music to provide a subscription music service to allow users to stream tracks on demand and download them to a range of devices. Sky and Sony have also launched a digital video download service for PlayStation Portable owners.

Velocix offers P2P+ in partnership with Kontiki and Rawflow
Velocix offers a commercial platform that combines the benefits of peer-to-peer distribution with a caching network. The company has announced partnerships with Kontiki and Rawflow to extend its peer-to-peer download and live streaming services. It calls the result P2P+.

Web no threat to television advertising says British academic
A media academic has dismissed the threat of the internet to broadcasters, describing it as “B*llocks 2.0”. Patrick Barwise, retired professor of management and marketing at the London Business School, says television advertising is down but “it is not falling off a cliff”.

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