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IPTV English News by InformITV (11/08/2008)

Virgin Media adds few subscribers in challenging market
British cable company Virgin Media added just 24,800 television subscribers and 54,600 broadband customers in the last quarter, despite its ongoing marketing campaign. It reported an operating loss of £333 million in the last quarter after writing down £366 million goodwill in its mobile division. Virgin Media continues to see broadband as its ‘hero’ product, although is rather more candid with analysts than consumers.

ITV losses reflect reduced value of its own goodwill
ITV, the main commercial broadcaster in Britain, reported a loss of over £1.5 billion for the last half year, after writing down the value of the goodwill in its broadcasting licences as a result of reduced advertising market forecasts. The underlying profits for the last six months were also down by 28%. The broadcaster blames a weak advertising market and warns it is going to get worse.

Cablevision wins appeal for remote video recording
A federal appeals court has overturned a ruling that prevented Cablevision in New York from rolling out a remote storage digital video recorder system or RS-DVR. Cablevision called the ruling “a victory for consumers” but it also represents a significant win for the cable industry. It could lead to a dramatic increase in the number of homes that are able to skip adverts.

Dish loses subscribers in face of increasing competition
Dish Network lost 25,000 subscribers in the last quarter. It is the first time that a satellite pay-television operator has reported a net subscriber loss, in the United States at least. In fact, Dish added 752,000 subscribers, but customer churn left it with a net loss, down to 13.8 million customers. There is once again the prospect that Dish and DirecTV could merge their satellite television operations.

Live Olympic Show extends interactive television experience
The Olympic Games in Beijing will provide a prefect test bed for a European project to produce “an intelligent interactive television experience”. It will test new production tools and formats to produce coverage in which thematically interlinked streams are produced according to the unfolding live action and viewer feedback.

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