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IPTV English News by InformITV (15/09/2008)

Super Hi-Vision live demonstration over satellite
Forget high-definition, broadcasters are now working on an ultra high-definition format known as Super Hi-Vision or SHV, with a resolution 16 times that of a full HD image. The first demonstration delivered by satellite is being staged at the IBC show in Amsterdam, in collaboration between public broadcasters NHK of Japan, RAI in Italy and the BBC in the United Kingdom.

Joost drops application and adopts browser based approach
Joost, the broadband video platform that has so far failed to find the same success as Skype did for internet telephone calls, will drop its dedicated player and become a browser-based service. It will still require users to download and install a plug-in to support its peer network distribution system. Currently in beta release, informitv took a closer look.

Miniweb enables blend of broadcast and broadband
Miniweb, a company spun out of Sky in the United Kingdom, will be showing its interactive service provider platform that aims to enable web-style interactivity for viewers across multiple television distribution networks. Miniweb says it makes it easy to design, build and publish interactive television sites using internet technologies.

Digital video recorders improve enjoyment of television
Seven out of ten people with a digital video recorder say they could not live without it. They report that it has improved their enjoyment of television and say it makes for a happier home life. In a survey commissioned by technology provider NDS, users ranked a DVR as more essential than a dishwasher, although Italians rated it slightly less important than having a hairdryer.

OpenTV shows evolution of television viewing experience
OpenTV is once again using the IBC show in Amsterdam to showcase the evolution of its next generation television user interface. OpenTV Core nX will allow every member of the household to enjoy a personalised viewing experience and extend this to their social network, with ‘buddy lists’ to share programme ratings, recommendations and real-time comments.

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