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IPTV English News by InformITV (13/10/2008)

Sky Picnic proposal back on the table with strings attached
The communications regulator Ofcom has indicated that Sky could still launch its proposed Picnic terrestrial pay-television platform in the United Kingdom, subject to offering its sport and movie channels on a regulated wholesale basis. It has stopped short of referring Sky to the Competition Commission as rival operators had requested, but it remains a veiled threat. Sky will meanwhile be forced to sell at least some of its stake in commercial broadcaster ITV, probably at a considerable loss.

ITV uses Keystream to add adverts in empty spaces
A British broadcaster is experimenting with technology from a Californian start-up company to overlay advertising automatically in empty spaces in video. ITV is currently testing the technology from Keystream in news coverage on its web site.

Vudu raises bar with HDX 1080p high-definition movies
Vudu, the online video service, is now providing movies in full high-definition 1080p format and claims to offer the highest quality available from any internet, broadcast, cable or satellite video-on-demand service. The results have been described as “insanely sharp”.

Industria hosts television services in the Amazon cloud
Software company Industria aims to lower the entry level costs for broadband television service providers by offering online facilities hosted in the Amazon Web Services computing cloud that supports The Industria Zignal Cloud service is currently available for testing with selected partners.

Nero offers TiVo experience on personal computers
German software company Nero has developed a product in partnership with TiVo that brings their digital video recorder experience to the Windows personal computer. It is part of their vision of allowing material to be moved transparently between different consumer devices. Nero calls the concept “liquid media”.

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