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IPTV English News by InformITV (20/10/2008)

Operators submit plans for European mobile satellite services
A number of operators have now submitted their proposals to provide pan-European mobile satellite services. The European Commission intends to make available spectrum which could be used to deliver mobile television, radio and other services across Europe. European bidders face competition from American operators. In an extraordinary development, one of them has also started legal proceedings, arguing that the European process for allocating the spectrum is illegal. The complex background to this next revolution in broadcasting and mobile communications is explored in a new report on Satellite to Mobile, published by informitv.

YouTube and CBS partner to offer full-length shows online
YouTube, the video sharing web site owned by Google, has started to offer full-length television shows from the CBS archive in a bid to boost advertising revenues. Programmes will be limited to a few shows, already available on the CBS web site, including old episodes of Star Trek and Beverly Hills 902010, accessible only within the United States. YouTube says it is talking to other networks to offer their programmes online.

Dish pays TiVo for infringing digital video recorder patent
Dish Network will pay digital video recorder pioneer TiVo over $100 million in damages and interest for infringing its “time warp” patent. The Supreme Court has denied a petition to review a previous ruling against the satellite television company, which subsequently implemented software that it says does not infringe the TiVo patent. A district court judge has yet to determine whether the Dish Network could be in contempt of the earlier injunction.

Windows Media Center gains interactive television support
Microsoft has updated its Windows Media Center, included with certain versions of its Vista operating system, to provide support for MHEG-5, an interactive television standard used in the United Kingdom and some other countries. The update is only being made available through resellers. IMPALA, the trade association that aims to promote MHEG, has expressed its support for the development.

SureWest deploys interactive applications using EBIF standard
SureWest Communications has rolled out an interactive television platform in Kansas City based on the EBIF standard. The Enhanced TV Binary Interchange Format was developed by CableLabs as a lowest common denominator standard to promote affordable and uniform television interactivity across multiple platforms. The Kansas City operation is one of the first to use EBIF in its headend and deploy across its whole subscriber base.

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