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IPTV English News by InformITV (27/10/2008)

YouTube compares online video to early television
Chad Hurley, the co-founder and chief executive of video web site YouTube, opened the Broadband Video Summit at Mipcom in Cannes with a keynote speech that he appeared to be reading for the first time. Addressing the audience at the media market, he said: “We want to continue to be your partner”. YouTube had just announced a major partnership with the Italian broadcaster RAI.

BBC opens Canvas for platform-neutral publishing
The BBC is hoping to establish an open industry platform to enable internet television services. The project is codenamed Canvas. Erik Huggers, the director of future media and technology at the corporation, gave a few details in an interview at the Mipcom show in Cannes. The BBC is also planning to use Adobe AIR to provide a cross-platform download client.

Joost gets Flash but it may still be too little too late
Joost has relaunched with a web-based service using Adobe Flash in an attempt to boost usage. As well as dropping the downloadable client application, the company has apparently abandoned plans to use a plug-in to support its peer network distribution system. So now it is little different to many other online video sites, but it still requires users to log in. By default it will also tell everyone else what individuals are watching.

AT&T extends U-verse to Wal-Mart and Circuit City stores
AT&T will sell its U-verse broadband television service in over 600 Wal-Mart and Circuit City stores in areas where it is available in 13 states across America. The telecommunications company aims to double its U-verse users and reach a million homes by the end of the year. It is extending the service with a Total Home DVR that allows users to watch recorded programmes on any connected television in the house.

Channel change times for IPTV are faster than satellite
An international study of 30 operators suggests that the channel change time on internet protocol television services can be faster than on traditional platforms such as satellite. The average channel change time across various platforms was just under two seconds, while for Microsoft Mediaroom it was around 0.6 seconds. Whether that makes any real difference to the overall user experience is another matter.

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