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IPTV English News by InformITV (17/11/2008)

Kangaroo head jumps over to Microsoft
Ashley Highfield, the head of Kangaroo, the proposed joint venture video project from the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, has resigned after a matter of months to run the Microsoft Consumer and Online division in the United Kingdom. His departure will be a further set-back to the troubled Kangaroo project, the launch of which has been delayed subject to a Competition Commission investigation.

Microsoft says we waste a week a year channel surfing
British viewers could be wasting up to a week every year choosing what to watch on television. A survey commissioned by Microsoft of nearly 2,000 digital television viewers in the United Kingdom found that over a quarter of them rely on flicking through channels to choose what to watch, apparently spending up to 3.5 hours a week channel surfing. However, the headline figures may be misleading.

CNN extends election coverage with ‘hologram’ virtual view
The American election saw the television networks competing to provide the best interactive electronic graphics to enhance their coverage. Notable among them was CNN which provided what may have been the first ever live three-dimensional two-way, showing a virtual image of a remote correspondent beamed into the election set, for no apparent reason.

ITV boss says Kangaroo critics are living in dream world
Having previously called Google a parasite, Michael Grade, the executive chairman of British broadcaster ITV, has again called on critics of the proposed Kangaroo online video service to contribute to the cost of programme production. Meanwhile ITV has announced the merger of its loss making online operations with its traditional broadcasting business and warned that trading conditions are likely to remain challenging over the next year.

Orange suspends broadband television plans for Britain
Orange is suspending plans to launch a broadband television service in Britain. It seems that the France Telecom brand, which has had some success with internet protocol television in France, could not see a way to compete with a service from British Telecom. The news comes as Sky is reported to be considering acquiring the customers of Tiscali to become the third biggest broadband provider in the country.

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