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IPTV English News by InformITV (24/11/2008)

NXVision extends set-top box viewing to mobile phones
A Scottish software company aims to enable smart mobile phones to become mobile televisions, allowing set-top boxes to stream or download programmes to the handset. NXVision in Dunfermline is backed by a Wireless Innovation initiative to support Scottish technology development in the sector. The company is currently negotiating second round funding to take its product to the international market.

Channel 4 pulls plug on red button interactiveadvertising
A decade after the launch of digital television in the United Kingdom, Channel 4 is to end ‘red button’ interactive advertising at the end of the year, saying that there has been a decline in demand. The channel ended interactivity associated with programmes three years ago. It will also give up selling adverts around its mobile programming. There’s no money in interactive advertising, apparently, but don’t tell Google.

Toshiba timesculpture advert shows benefits of upscaling
A new commercial for Toshiba used 200 camcorders arranged in a ring to create what they call a time sculpture. It is a metaphor for the benefits of upscaling standard definition images to high definition displays. Upscaling is nothing new, but the campaign shows the power of creative television advertising.

Sky Player will offer selected subscription channels online
Satellite broadcaster BSkyB is planning to offer some of its most popular subscription channels online as a standalone service through its Sky Player platform. Users in the United Kingdom and Ireland will be able to watch a package of channels from Sky on their Windows or Mac computer without having to sign up to the satellite service.

Kangaroo head jumps over to Microsoft online division
Ashley Highfield, the head of Kangaroo, the proposed joint venture video project from the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, has resigned after a matter of months to run the Microsoft Consumer and Online division in the United Kingdom. His departure will be a further set-back to the troubled Kangaroo project, the launch of which has been delayed subject to a Competition Commission investigation.

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