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IPTV English News by InformITV (01/12/2008)

BBC streams channels online to the BBC iPlayer
All the main BBC television networks will be streamed online for the first time with the addition of the two main channels this week. Officially it is part of a 12-month trial, although it seems likely to become a permanent service. A new survey suggests the BBC iPlayer is incredibly popular among the online population. Once again this has raised questions about the long-term enforceability of the television licence in the United Kingdom.

Digital video recorders are most popular in the UK
People in the United Kingdom are more likely to have a digital video recorder than in any other country, relatively speaking, it seems. A recent Ofcom survey found that 30% of respondents in the UK said they had a DVR. However, informitv suggests the actual number could be lower. With nearly 21 million DVR households, the United States still has far more in absolute terms.

Broadband growth rises but is pipe dream for some
In the last decade broadband has become one of the fastest adopted technologies. Our broadband market research provider Point Topic projects that the number of high-speed internet connections will grow by almost 70% to reach 680 million lines worldwide over the next five years. This represents a massive market opportunity for online video services. Nevertheless, broadband access will remain a pipe dream for many in poorer parts of the world.

Amino acquires Tilgin IPTV set-top box business
Amino Communications is to acquire the IPTV set-top box business of Swedish company Tilgin AB for just over £2.5 million. The company offers a range of high-definition devices within its Mood product line which will extend the Amino portfolio, while adding new software features across the entire range.

Move Networks gains Permission for video partnership
Streaming video provider Move Networks has announced a strategic partnership with online video platform PermissionTV. Both companies will offer an integrated platform to enable the rapid deployment of interactive online video services using the Move Networks high quality streaming system, as used by networks such as ABC, Fox and ESPN.

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