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IPTV English News by InformITV (08/12/2008)

iptvnewsCommission concludes Kangaroo restricts competion
The Competition Commission has provisionally concluded that the proposed video on demand joint venture between the BBC, ITV and Channel Four will restrict competition in the supply of video on demand services in the United Kingdom. The UKVOD initiative, also known as Project Kangaroo, is likely to result in a reduction in competition in the wholesale and retail market, the commission has concluded. It is now consulting on possible remedies or modifications.

Sky Smart TV will offer targeted television adverts
British satellite broadcaster Sky plans to offer broadcasters the ability to serve targeted adverts to viewers in Sky+ homes, based on their personal profiles. Television advertisers probably waste at least half of their money. They just do not know which half. Targeting advertising based on viewer preferences could avoid trying to sell dog food to homes without dogs.

Joost boosts video distribution through Apple iPhone
Joost has released an application for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch that allows users to stream and view any video in its library over a wireless connection. The iPhone already has the built-in ability to access YouTube. The new Joost application is freely downloadable from Apple iTunes and has been built from the ground up.

TV Catchup returns to stream live television channels
After closing down its network television recording service of dubious legality, TVCatchup has returned with a web site that will for the first time allow viewers in the United Kingdom to watch all the free-to-air television channels online in one place. It currently offers 18 channels and aims to carry over 40 by the end of the year.

Canal+ Le Cube combines broadcast and broadcast
A new hybrid broadcast and broadband box will allow the French pay-television broadcaster Canal+ to deliver interactivity and online video to the television through a built-in network port. Exclusively provided by Pace France, formerly the set-top box division of Philips, the first integrated high-definition digital video recorder for Canal+ is literally a box, called +Le Cube.

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