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IPTV English News by InformITV (22/12/2008)

iptvnewsMuddle on dance floor as viewer votes not strictly fair
It was one of the biggest nights in participation television in Britain, as two top shows went head to head, collecting millions of phone votes between them. Unfortunately the producers on the BBC Strictly Come Dancing show had to freeze the phone vote and finish the programme early, once they finally realised that many of the viewers may have been wasting their money voting.

BBC announces partnership plans to share its iPlayer
The BBC has outlined plans to share its iPlayer with other broadcasters and bring it to the television set by developing a common industry approach to on-demand and internet services. It says the plans are already being progressed by a group including the BBC, ITV and BT. They have yet to be approved by the BBC Trust. The British public broadcaster could face further competition concerns unless the plans are shared with the industry as a whole on an open basis.

IP Vision delivers over the top set-top box to Fetch TV
Fetch TV is an independent, subscription free set-top box that combines a high-definition ready digital video recorder and home media centre with video on demand services. It is has been developed by IP Vision, backed by Netgem, which is offering the service direct to the consumer or as a white label platform for third parties.

Tioti and Vizimo offer television application for iPhone
Tioti TV+ from start-up company Vizimo is a new application available from the Apple store that allows viewers to schedule their viewing using their iPhone or iPod Touch. Vizimo, which describes itself as developing ‘next-generation guidance’, recently acquired Tioti, a web site built around programme information and a social network.

European Commission guidelines for mobile television
The European Commission has published guidelines to help accelerate the roll-out of mobile television, underlining its continuing commitment to the promotion of such services. So far the deployment of mobile television in Europe has met with mixed success, but cross border mobile television services using satellite and the DVB-SH standard could start as soon as next year.

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