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IPTV English News by InformITV (09/03/2009)

iptvnewsITV faces crunch with online focus on video
ITV has so far failed to find a strong online strategy to address the dramatic decline in value of its broadcasting business. The main commercial broadcaster in Britain wrote off £2.7 billion in the value of its assets last year. ITV has reported profits down by over 40%, although it still managed to make £167 million on a turnover of just over £2 billion. It continues to lose money online.

BBC Canvas opinion on next generation video project
The BBC Trust has published details of the proposed Project Canvas to bring broadband and broadcast services together in hybrid receivers. On the face of it seems like a promising plan, but many in the industry have expressed serious concerns about the lack of transparency in the proposals, as informitv can exclusively reveal.

Digital Britain demands investment in fibre networks
Within a decade, high speed internet access has gone from being a novelty to a necessity for millions of families. In the United Kingdom, broadband speeds are still highly dependent on location. Even reaching universal coverage of 2Mbps will be a challenge. Investment in a digital Britain is now an economic imperative and that will require a firm commitment to fibre optic connections. A new regulataory regime could facilitate that.

Virgin Media considers selling television channels
Virgin Media is considering the sale of its television channels business. That includes a 50% share in the UKTV joint venture with the BBC which has the right of first refusal. Ironically, the television business makes little direct commercial contribution to the cable company, which is increasingly focussing its attention on broadband.

Consumers want cable channels on their computers
Consumers could be prepared to pay to view cable television channels on their personal computers. Research suggests that some might pay an additional $10 a month for the facility, which some cable companies are currently considering providing free to subscribers. That could represent additional revenue for operators, but it could also complicate any rights negotiations.

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