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IPTV English News by InformITV (16/03/2009)

iptvnewsBBC Project Canvas draws further industry concern
There has been an interesting industry reaction to the proposals from the BBC for Project Canvas to bring together broadband and broadcast programming through a unified user interface. The BBC is keen to point out that it will be based on open standards, although it is far from clear what that actually means in practice. There has so far been little in terms of technical detail, but the BBC is now attempting to engage stakeholders.

ZillionTV offers video on demand over broadband
ZillionTV is the latest attempt to revolutionise the television experience with a box that receives programmes streamed over the internet. The Silicon Valley startup aims to offer free programming funded by targeted advertising. Furthermore, it promises a novel personalised viewer user interface they call a VUI, using a motion sensing remote control. Currently in limited field trials, the company plans to roll out the service across the United States later this year.

TV Everywhere plan for cable programmes
Time Warner plans to put programming from its cable networks online so that it can be watched anywhere, provided the viewer can prove they subscribe to a multichannel operator, whether it is via a satellite, cable or telco platform. That would include the majority of viewers in the United States. The initiative has been dubbed TV Everywhere.

ITV faces crunch with online focus on video
ITV has so far failed to find a strong online strategy to address the dramatic decline in value of its broadcasting business. The main commercial broadcaster in Britain wrote off £2.7 billion in the value of its assets last year. ITV has reported profits down by over 40%, although it still managed to make £167 million on a turnover of just over £2 billion. It continues to lose money online.

Ofcom clears way for next generation broadband
The rollout of the next generation of broadband networks is now a step closer in Britain, with a regulatory regime designed to promote private sector investment and competition. The communications regulator Ofcom has outlined its proposed approach. It will allow BT to receive a return on its proposed £1.5 billion investment in fibre-optic connections to street cabinets. Within three years, half the country could have a choice of providers offering speeds of 40Mbps or more.

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