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IPTV English News by InformITV (27/04/2009)

iptvnewsMobile TV Standard promise for broadcasters
Mobile television promises to be a hot topic at the NAB convention this year, with terrestrial broadcasters seeking to make the most of their existing spectrum as their traditional business model comes under increasing threat. Beyond the complexities of competing technical standards, the future of broadcast mobile television has yet to be defined.

3D mastering standard proposed by SMPTE
The requirements of a new standard for mastering stereoscopic 3D video have been outlined by The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers at the Digital Cinema Summit, held prior to the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas. Agreement on a common mastering standard is seen as critical for defining the requirements for the delivery of 3D materials across all distribution channels, from physical media to terrestrial, satellite, cable and broadband.

BBC iPlayer HD streams and files now online
The BBC has started making selected programmes available online in high definition format. That is to say at a resolution of 1280×720, which is four times that of its normal online streams. The public service broadcaster has also relaxed the copy protection on its BBC HD channel, although some argue that the BBC should not even be entertaining the belief system of rights holders in copy protection and digital rights management.

Microsoft underestimates television viewing
A research report from Microsoft, entitled Europe Logs On, suggests that internet consumption will overtake television viewing by the middle of 2010. This was widely reported without further reflection, but frankly informitv finds it difficult to believe. In fact, the figures on which the forecast is based demand closer examination.

National Broadband Network planned for Australia
The Australian government has announced plans for a new National Broadband Network which could be the single largest nation building infrastructure project in the history of the country. It represents its biggest reform in telecommunications in two decades. The decision demonstrates a vision for creating a national network infrastructure that could serve as an example to many other countries.

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