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IPTV English News by InformITV (11/05/2009)

iptvnewsEntone and Vudu integrate video on demand
Entone, a provider of digital media gateway set-top boxes, will integrate with the Vudu online service to make its movie library available to telecommunications service providers to supplement their television and digital video recorder services. Instead of having to choose between an operator managed service or over the top online video, consumers will be able to receive the best of both worlds through a single user interface.

Net connected television market grows rapidly
Half of prospective television buyers in the United States say they are likely to buy an internet enabled television. A study by the Consumer Electronics Association found that demand for internet connected televisions is growing rapidly, although it is still not entirely clear what people will be able to do with them.

Video on demand viewing rising but still limited
Virgin Media says that there were over four million views of the ITV Player in its first month on the cable television video on demand service. That compares to nearly 15 million video views for the more established BBC iPlayer on the same platform. Both figures still represent only a tiny proportion of all television viewing. Meanwhile, many more millions watched clips from ITV shows on YouTube.

Sky launches green button long-form advertising
Sky is offering advertisers the ability to deliver longer-form advertising to digital video recorders, enabling viewers to record extended spots by pressing the green button on their remote control. It works in a similar manner to the green button reminder prompts on promotions that can be used to select programmes to record.

Disney joins Hulu leaving CBS standing alone
After weeks of speculation, The Walt Disney Company is joining the Hulu online video venture as an equity partner through its subsidiary ABC Enterprises. It means that current and library broadcast network programmes like Lost and Desperate Housewives will be available for streaming through the Hulu web site, supported by advertising. With three of the four main networks on board, it significantly strengthens the position of Hulu as the pre-eminent portal for broadcast programming, leaving CBS pursuing its own online distribution strategy.

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