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IPTV English News by InformITV (15/06/2009)

iptvnewsCarter to quit after Digital Britain report is published
Lord Stephen Carter will leave the government following the publication of the Digital Britain report. The white paper will attempt to address a wide range of issues, from the problems facing broadcasters to the provision of broadband and online piracy. The highly anticipated digital manifesto seems unlikely to satisfy the high level of expectations it has raised.

Virgin Media faces patent court case over guide
The case of Gemstar-TV Guide against Virgin Media is scheduled to start in London this week. Legal proceedings were issued against British cable television provider Virgin Media back in January 2008 over alleged infringement of patents relating to interactive programme guides. The outcome of the case could have significant implications for electronic programme guides, which have been notoriously dominated by issues associated with patent protection.

DoubleTwist supports media across different devices
Ten years ago a Norwegian teenager helped to break the copy protection on DVDs. He went on to come up with a way of stripping digital rights management from iTunes music files. Now his doubleTwist startup aims to simplify the synchronisation of media between different devices. An advertisement for the software appeared in front of an Apple store in San Francisco, proclaiming “The cure for iPhone Envy” and promising to open up an individual iTunes library to any supported device.

BBC Canvas platform fails to find industry support
Plans by the BBC to form a joint venture partnership to promote a platform for internet connected television, known as Project Canvas, have been roundly criticised by a number of influential industry stakeholders. Following an initial industry consultation, the BBC Trust is now asking its executives for further information on the proposals, which seem sketchy to some and over ambitious to others.

YouTube and Hulu offer lean back experience
YouTube has released a version of its site specifically designed for viewing on a large screen. Called YouTube XL, it runs in a web browser and can even be operated with a remote control. Hulu has meanwhile released a desktop application based on Flash for Windows and Mac personal computers.

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