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IPTV English News by InformITV (06/07/2009)

iptvnewsFreshly squeezed Joost repackaged with white label
Joost, the online video company launched by the creators of Skype, has failed to live up to its own hype as a consumer service. Instead the company will concentrate on providing white label platforms for third parties. Mike Volpi, who joined the start-up from Cisco, has stepped down as chief executive but will remain as chairman.

PlayJam creates games for television widget
Interactive television games company PlayJam is developing a widget to be available on selected internet-enabled televisions later in the year. It will provide a slicker user experience than on existing satellite television platforms. PlayJam has also released one of its puzzle titles for the iPhone.

AT&T expands U-verse with iPhone DVR application
AT&T, the exclusive distributor of the Apple iPhone in the United States, has a new application that allows users to schedule and manage digital video recordings on the move. The U-verse TV Mobile Remote Access application for the iPhone and iPod Touch is available for free from the Apple application store. It lets users record programmes wherever they are. It is not the first application of its kind, but it shows how AT&T is integrating its services.

Time Warner and Comcast promote TV Everywhere
Time Warner and Comcast are partnering to promote their TV Everywhere model for the online distribution of television programming to subscribers. Under the proposals, authenticated subscribers to pay-television services will be able to watch programming online for no additional charge using any broadband connection. Although it looks like a benefit to customers, there are concerns that it could ultimately limit competition and consumer choice.

Boxee enters Major League with latest release
Boxee, a free open source media centre application, now has a public alpha version for Windows, in addition to its existing releases for Mac and Linux. It has also announced a partnership with Major League Baseball to offer its MLB.TV Premium subscription service to Boxee users.

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