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IPTV English News by InformITV (10/08/2009)

iptvnewsMiniweb enables next-generation television services
Miniweb has teamed up with Metrological and Intel to demonstrate a reference design for a set-top box that offers converged broadcast and broadband delivered services. The result is an end-to-end platform that could deliver in a matter of months most, if not all, of the functionality promised by initiatives such as the Canvas project led by the BBC, with the benefit of supporting a broader ecosystem that could enable, rather than limit innovation.

MSN Video Player picks up where Kangaroo left off
Microsoft is launching a new online video player in the United Kingdom. The MSN Video Player will carry library programming from British broadcasters, notably from the BBC. The project is headed by the former chief executive of the Kangaroo project which was blocked by the Competition Commission. The pilot project has already sold out its advertising space for the first six months. Strangely, it will use Adobe Flash, rather than the Microsoft Silverlight alternative.

TiVo ratings show loss of timeshift viewers for adverts
A new way of analysing ratings by looking at the behaviour of subscribers to the TiVo digital video recorder separates out figures for viewing a programme, live or timeshifted, from the commercials. It suggests that most viewers skip adverts when watching a timeshifted recording. In the case of the most popular recorded programme the drop off in those viewing the adverts was 84%.

BT Vision fails to find many more viewers
BT Vision added 38,000 customers in the last quarter for its hybrid broadcast and broadband video service in the United Kingdom. However, after an adjustment for inactive customers, the customer base stood at just 433,000 at the end of June, only 10,000 more than at the end of the previous quarter, when it added 25,000.

Sky says 3D channel and VOD will launch next year
Sky will launch the first 3DTV channel in Europe in 2010, offering movies, entertainment and sport. The service will be broadcast across existing high-definition infrastructure, including current Sky+HD digital video recorders. Customers will need a new 3D Ready TV, the first of which are expected to be on sale next year. A new video-on-demand service will also launch next year, using the broadband capability of the same set-top boxes.

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