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IPTV English News by InformITV (12/10/2009)

iptvnewsComcast and NBC feel the urge to merge
Comcast, the largest cable television operator in America, is reportedly in talks with General Electric, which owns 80% of NBC Universal, regarding a deal to spin the studio and network group out as a jointly owned company. What will this mean for Hulu, the online video venture co-founded by NBC, and TV Everywhere, the concept of online video as promoted by Comcast and TimeWarner?

Sky and Microsoft bring television to the Xbox
Sky and Microsoft are joining forces to deliver live television and video on demand to Xbox game consoles. It is another example of the convergence of broadband and broadcast delivering interactive television beyond constraints of the traditional set-top box. Football fans will be able to share their experience with other Xbox Live members subscribed to Sky services.

Internet overtakes television for UK advertising spend
The internet has now arguably overtaken television in terms of advertising spend in the United Kingdom. Online advertising grew by 4.6% in the first half of 2009, despite the recession, while the entire advertising sector contracted by 16.6%. Online advertising accounts for nearly a quarter of all advertising expenditure in the United Kingdom, the largest share for any major world economy. Some may question how the cake is divided, but there is no doubt that the internet is taking an increasingly large share of advertising revenue.

Online video services eat into home video revenues
Online video services delivered to the television will soon account for more than a quarter of annual home video rental revenue in North America. According to informitv research partners The Diffusion Group, revenue from on-demand delivery over the internet to the television screen will grow from over $600 million in 2009 to over $2 billion by 2014.

Intel puts Moore power in the television
Intel has a vision for the future of the television—it will have an Intel processor inside. Like it or not, the television world is now subject to Moore’s Law. Expect processing power to increase accordingly, doubling every two years, as the television becomes more like a computer. At their annual developer forum, senior Intel executives talked about the convergence of the internet with broadcast networks and how to make the television experience more personal, more social and more interactive.

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