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IPTV English News by InformITV (26/10/2009)

iptvnewsBBC iPlayer plan fails Trust test
A BBC proposal to allow other public service broadcasters to make their programming available through its online iPlayer has been blocked by its governing Trust because it was “too complicated” and did not necessarily deliver value to licence payers. The rejection of the “Marquee” project leaves the future of its “Canvas” initiative in further doubt.

Video on demand services proliferate across Europe
There are more than 700 different video-on-demand and catch-up television services in Europe. These will be covered by the new European Audiovisual Media Services Directive which is currently being implemented in national laws in European Union member states. Maintaining the distinction between services that are similar to television and other online video offerings will be increasingly difficult as the market develops.

Sky parries Canvas and engages Fetch TV
Contrary to some reports, the leading pay-television operator in the United Kingdom is still far from persuaded by the arguments that the BBC needs to establish a new television platform to support broadband services. Device and display manufacturers are already enabling hybrid broadcast and broadband delivery. Sky is extending its distribution to different devices, like the Fetch TV proposition from IP Vision, demonstrating that suitable standards and technology exist today.

Channel puts programmes on YouTube in landmark deal

Channel 4 has signed a non-exclusive deal with YouTube to make its original programming available on the video sharing web site in full and free-of-charge, within the United Kingdom. It is the first time that any broadcaster has made a comprehensive catch-up schedule available on YouTube, which now delivers over a billion video streams a day worldwide.

Sky slams BBC in second submission on Canvas
Sky has published its second submission to the BBC Trust consultation on the proposed project Canvas joint venture platform. It raised a range of significant concerns with the proposals and the process by which they are being considered. Sky said the plans to create a new platform go beyond the remit of the BBC. It is a challenge that the governing body will find difficult to ignore.

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