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IPTV English News by InformITV (08/02/2010)

iptvnewsSky begins 3D broadcasting as HD becomes standard
Sky has broadcast the first live 3D TV sports event to a public audience, in preparation for the launch of a dedicated Sky 3D channel in April. There are now over 2 million Sky high-definition subscribers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Sky plans to provide the 3D capable Sky+ HD box as standard to all new and upgrading customers and is introducing an optional premium product with a terabyte of storage. Sky is set to exceed its target of 10 million subscribers by this year and continues to set the pace of innovation.

Apple iPad display falls short of high-definition
Much has already been written about the new Apple iPad, which some have dismissed as little more than a large iPhone. It is undoubtedly more than that, but falls short of expectations in its inability to display or output high-definition video. Despite the disappointment of some, the iPad is a significant device in the development of digital video distribution.

Brightcove signs up Ping Identity for TV Everywhere
Online video platform Brightcove has developed a solution to enable programming providers to offer TV Everywhere compatible catch-up television services. It is intended to simplify the challenge of allowing users to access online video based on their pay-television subscription. The company has teamed with Ping Identity to provide a user authentication and authorization system built on existing open standards.

Mobile digital television for 220 million Americans
Within five years there could be over 220 million devices designed to receive mobile digital television broadcasts in America. A new report suggests that after a slow start, reception of broadcast signals from a nationwide network of existing transmitters using the ATSC M/H standard will take off. Users will initially adopt free-to-air offerings, but streamed services will compete with these broadcast channels over time.

YouTube backs HTML5 for video as an alternative to Flash
YouTube now offers an option to play video natively within supported browsers using HTML5 rather than the Adobe Flash plug-in. It is only an experiment, and it did not work when informitv tried it, but is a significant sign of support for the HTML5 standard, with implications for network connected television devices and displays.

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